Vermin lord 5e

Obox-ob was an obyrith demon lord of poisons and verminous creatures. He was an eldritch being from a long forgotten era before the tanar'ri demons and the Prince of Demons before Demogorgon. Obox-ob was a nightmarish entity, seemingly a cross between a backwards scorpion and a monstrous millipede, with clusters of chitinous, arachnoid limbs ending in deadly talons, erratically clambering about his distended form. His tail edges were jagged and dripped a black venom while his hideous visage, supported by a thick neck stalk, had a hollow, corkscrew-shaped spike at the end of his red tongue.

His three faces gave him three sets of malicious, crimson eyes and a vertical maw that housed his tongue. Once one of the most reviled and powerful residents of the Abyssthe Prince of Vermin's primal fury had only grown alongside the cravings for his former glory.

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Even his own layer was not safe from his rage-fueled rampages and he frequently brought ruin upon his own servitors. If Demogorgon were to grow weakened or be defeated, either by Obox-ob's hand or another, the Prince of Vermin would quickly attempt to reclaim his status, sending increasingly powerful waves of obyriths to attack the Gaping Maw. If allowed to retake his position as Prince of Demons the tanar'ri would quickly fade away as the obyriths emerged from and retook the Abyss, infesting the Astral Sea and spreading like a virulent plague throughout the multiverse.

As a being of chaos incarnate, Obox-Ob's very presence eroded sanity and poisoned the mind. His aberrant form inflicted mind-rending nightmares on those that looked upon it and instilled a permanent sense of entomophobic dread within the victim, only curable by the most powerful spells and casters.

Even hearing the deafening drone caused by the movements of his ancient armor could cause temporary confusion from the sheer, chaotic cacophony of the shrieking screams. Rather than poison, his tongue contained raw chaos matter which he could implant into the flesh of other beings.

The entropic power slowly consumed the unfortunate target's body and soul, until they were utterly destroyed with only magic like dispel chaos delaying the process and the strongest of restorative magic bringing back the lost soul without the degradation continuing.

He also possessed telekinetic powers and the ability to create symbols of insanity. The Prince of Vermin also possessed power over lower lifeforms, able to summon pestilent swarms and enormous arthropods. His more powerful abilities allowed him to turn objects into massive insectoids, and the venom in his tails drained the minds of those he stung until they succumbed and transformed into giant, fiendish scorpions.

All of the victim's memories were erased and only wish or miracle could return them to their previous form, and even then their intellects were still in a ruined state. Obox-ob was a vicious opponent that relished melee, using his numerous natural armaments and telekinetic powers to destroy his enemies, charge them off cliffs and ram them into solid objects. Although he'd use his powers to call in gigantic scorpions early on, he generally reserved his spell-like abilities for enemies he couldn't reach, an unlikely situation as he could scuttle and fly with frightening speed.

Obox-ob's original domain was the Blood Shallowsa marshy realm filled with large hills. While the color of the skies and clouds were reversed, the atmosphere being white and the clouds being blue, the water itself was blood-red and dangerously acidic.

Consisting of rugged wastes and seas of reeking resin, the infested layer was swarming with ekolids, endless plagues of fiendish vermin, horrific abominations and obyriths unseen throughout the rest of the Abyss. The ekolids, unusually, created complex, hideous hive cities from the harvested ocean ooze and the corpses of a vast range of exotic creatures used as incubators.

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Nightmarish cathedrals, temples and towers constructed from the preserved bodies of terrified victims could be seen throughout their cities, all pleasing monuments to Obox-Ob and his unholy wrath despite his tendency to destroy his own domain.

Obox-ob's primary concern was recovering from his diminished state in order to reestablish himself as the Prince of Demons.I really do love me some Swarm druids, but I fear that requiring an action to attack with the Companion Swarm will end up in the same sort of weird space as the Beastmaster's pet. Would it not give the archetype a little more mileage if the Companion Swarm's actions were a Bonus Action to use? All that said, I do like the look of this. A bit of a pity it requires level 14 in order to Swarm Form, but I quite like the way you handled it.

Though I would be concerned about simply utility, given 5E's pretty scarce number of Swarms. For instance, you can only fly with Bats and Ravens, and even then Great Swarm would only be dealing 4d4 damage. Given that Swarms are relatively simple in terms of design, what would be your thoughts on allowing players to more or less 'build a swarm,' with a scaling base that could then be customized for Flying, Swimming, Climbing in terms of movement, and perhaps even customized attacks.

Either poison for something like serpents or spiders, or a draining attack for leeches and bats. Or simply improved damage if you just want to rock out locusts. Yeah, the Swarm Companion borrows its mechanics from the Beastmaster's pet almost directly, because I'm always cautious about breaking the action economy using minions.

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A bonus action makes sense, but I'm going to have to look into it to make sure that won't make this outright better than other major features at this level and doesn't break the game in some other way. My original draft called for Swarm Form at level 2, but it ended up being too much too early, and the only other appropriate slot for a druid was at the capstone, so I merged it with We Swarm.

I'm open to switching this up if I can find the right way to do it. Like, do I move it back to 6th level? What do I remove? On your last point, "Build-A-Swarm" besides sounding like the most awesome competitor to Build-a-Bear ever sounds a lot like a job for templates. Writing a template is easy, but making sure that it doesn't create a hazardous exploit with any combination of monsters is super hard, and it introduces a sort of running problem where this class can be broken by an exploitable monster released after it, which is bad.

That said, I think I'll be avoiding that approach. I'm open to improving We Swarm, but I'm interested in it being simple. An entire create-a-monster system for 1 feature is a little cumbersome, and might turn people off from using it. Thanks for the comment, by the way. Really hits on some things I can improve here. Well, I'd argue that borrowing from the Beastmaster isn't the best way to get something that sits at the same level of power as other classes, as atleast among everyone I talk to and play with, Beastmaster is regarded as one of the worst archetypes in the game, particularly for the reason of the action economy.

Rather just a slowly progressing form that gets a choice of upgrades at 6th and 10th levels. For example: Default Swarm form at level 2 deals 2d4 damage. At 6th, this increases to 3d4 damage, and the druid gets a choice of Swimming or Flying. At 10th, this increase to 4d4 damage, and the druid gets a choice of Poison ala Swarm of Snakes, a Drain that returns half damage as healing, and swapping damage dice from d4's to d6's.

Doesn't seem overly complicated and it allows the druid to customize their swarm a little bit to the type of animals they thematically might want to stick with, and it means that if the druid wants to fly in its Swarm Form at level 14, he isn't stuck dealing kittens of damage in Bats or Ravens. I think we can get this to work simply by swapping features around. If that seems OP, maybe unlock merging at 14th level? I feel like Earth Sense is at a pretty good level where it is.

The issue is in my eyes is simply the fact that if I want to play a flying swarm, when I get to 14th and get my druid capstone, I just get access to either 2d4 damage if I want the senses of a bat, or 2d6 damage if I just want damage. And having to wait until 14th level to do the effective damage of a greatsword is a little underwhelming, even if it gets a boost to 4d4 or 4d6 by We Swarm's merging.

The only real issue I have is the fact that it ultimately forces the Swarm Druid to potentially abandon its own desire in forms of swarms due to the limited nature of swarm forms. If I want to be a druid that more or less has exclusive connections with carrion birds or locusts, I end up more or less forced to use serpents instead simply because it's the stronger swarm.

Quick responses because I need to be off in a moment: Build-a-Swarm: You're probably over-simplifying the process here a little.Edit this Page All abandoned pages. When the flavor has been changed so that this template is no longer applicable please remove this template.

If you do not understand the idea behind this page please leave comments on this page's talk page before making any edits. Edit this Page All stubs. This and the vermin army at his disposal makes him a very versatile opponent. In one-on-one combat the Vermin Lord is a hard to beat thanks to his army of vermin, who continually get in his opponent's way while he jabs at them with a dagger or crossbow bolt until they are dead.

A Vermin Lord is considered a support class that uses its array of soldiers as scouts or shock troops. Vermin Lords can raise massive armies due to the ubiquity of vermin. Abilities: Dexterity and Constitution to live longer, and Charisma for more vermin followers. Races: Although the skittering atrocities that Vermin Lords control are mindless and terrible, they are still beings of nature.

As such, races normally inclined to be Druids are also attracted to this class. Starting Age : Complex. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Vermin lords are proficient with the following weapons: bola, club, dagger, muspelrule, net, punching dagger, quarterstaff, and sickle.

They are proficient with light armor, but not with shields.

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Vermin Empathy Ex : A vermin lord can use body language and demeanor to improve the attitude of vermin. This ability functions like a Diplomacy check made to improve the attitude of a person.

vermin lord 5e

The vermin lord rolls 1d20 and adds her vermin lord level and Charisma modifier to the check. The typical mindless vermin has a starting attitude of indifferent. To use vermin empathy, the vermin lord and the vermin must be able to study each other, which means that they must be within 30 feet of one another under normal conditions.

Generally, influencing a vermin in this way takes 1 minute but, as with influencing people, it might take more or less time. Choose Vermin : A vermin lord picks from a variety of vermin to serve his dark and evil desires. He is able to choose between rats, bats, spiders, or scorpions.

Once they have chosen, the Vermin Lord slowly begins to look more and more like their chosen vermin in appearance. As of reaching level 10, he looks almost nothing like his original race. Upon choosing, the Vermin Lord gains abilities similar to those of the vermin he chose.

Choosing spiders grants the ability to climb on walls, sense the heat patterns of nearby creatures, and create simple poisons.

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This ability can be used twice a day. He appears larger than a normal member of that vermin's species. Other animals avoid the Vermin Lord's animal form, and sentient creatures can easily detect the odd intelligence in their eyes.

This vermin is larger, smarter, and stronger than the others and is not considered one of the followers so is not in the same pool of HD. A Vermin Commander leads the Vermin Lord's armies and can speak to him telepathically. Disease of the Vermin Su : A Vermin Lord of level 11 or higher gains the ability to infect his or her swarm with any infectious disease within the Vermin Lord's level category, such as Filth Fever or Mummy Rot. These diseases do not harm the vermin swarm, who act as carriers.

In addition, the Vermin Lord is now immune to communicable disease. Tremor Sense Ex : At level 14, Vermin Lords becomes sensitive to vibrations in the ground and can pinpoint the location of any moving creatures within range, so long as both the Vermin Lord and other creature are on the ground.

At level 19 Tremor Sense's range increases to 40 feet.This creature resembles a large bubbling mass of greenish-black and foul-smelling liquid. Ooze, slime, and pus constantly squirt and seep from its form. Deep within the oozing form you notice several large red eyes. Speed 30 ft. Special Attacks acid, acid spittle ft.

Magnetized Verminlord

Constant — true seeingunholy aura DC 25 At will —circle of cold cold, ft. When confronted, he usually takes the form of a foot tall column of bubbling and squirting ooze. Jubilex weighs about 6, pounds.

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Jubilex lashes out with a slimy appendage, attempting to grab and constrict opponents. Grabbed creatures are crushed and cast aside, to be dissolved and devoured at a later time. Jubilex can flatten his body, thereby enabling him to squeeze through cracks and openings of Tiny or larger size. SQ planar omniscience. Jubilex secretes a digestive acid that dissolves organic material and metal quickly, but does not affect stone. A DC 38 Reflex save prevents damage to clothing and armor. A metal or wooden weapon that strikes Jubilex also dissolves immediately unless it succeeds on a DC 38 Reflex save.

The save DCs are Constitution -based. Followers of Jubilex Followers of Jubilex are evil humanoids with an affinity for slimes, jellies, and all things that ooze. Devout followers of Jubilex are called Masters of the Ooze and must sign a pact of evil with Jubilex. Masters of the Ooze can receive spells from Jubilex and are granted access to two of the following domains: Chaos, Evil, and Water. Environment any Abyss Organization solitary or troupe Jubilex plus 2—8 ochre jellies, 1—4 gray oozes or 1—4 black puddings and 2—6 lesser ooze demons Treasure triple standard.

Jubilex is the ruler over all slimes, oozes, jellies, and other disgusting and foul ooze-like creatures. Known by some as the Faceless Lord, his Abyssal home is a steaming, bubbling lair of putrid ooze and slime pits that are constantly shifting and changing at his whim.

Even the other demonic rulers loathe to journey here. Jubilex makes his home in a huge slime pit somewhere on one of the many planes he controls. He is constantly attended by and surrounded with all sorts of slimes and oozes.

Toggle navigation. Followers of Jubilex are evil humanoids with an affinity for slimes, jellies, and all things that ooze. Patreon Supporters.The Horned Rat is the festering disgusting god of the equally disgusting Skaven race in the Warhammer Fantasy setting. The horned rat is everything terrible about each God of Chaos distilled of even the most fleeting slivers of good that come with the whole package. He hangs out in an area of the warp known as the realm of ruin, a decaying hellhole that resembles a world completely taken over by skaven.

The realm is inhabited by as many verminlords as there are living skaven, as well as demon rats and the souls of dead skaven. This is no heaven for the skaven, since most of them are turned into suffering demon-rats or fat blind mice that are forced to wallow in their failure for all eternity.

The only good fate that awaits a skaven is if he becomes a vermin lord. As you can expect, no one likes him and he is the archenemy of several gods, particularly Sigmar and Sotek. The only reason he hasn't been curbstomped and fumigated is because he has perhaps more worshippers alive then any other god in the setting and this gives him a bloated amount of power and a needless sense of self-importance.

Granted the prayers of skaven carry about as much power as the value given for skaven lives as but put enough together and it gives him enough power to be a major god of the underworld. However, he doesn't do anything, as he is too busy getting eaten by Sotek or his head smashed in by Sigmar's hammer. Once his divine majesty deigned to make an appearance, to end one of the civil wars that was tearing his people apart. Summoned by the Grey Seershe ate a few skaven, gave them a telling off, ate a few more and then left some pillars of warpstone behind with instructions on how to backstab and bitch better in his name.

And no word of him since then. The Horned Rat keeps going on about a great plan to take over the world and passes it onto his Grey Seers for them to tell the masses but this is really just a tool to keep the Skaven in line and generally striving towards the Rabid Rat's goals. Needless to say, once if the Skaven do take over the world, then the Horned Rat will swoop in, thank them for their hard work and then eat them all, satisfied he has finally won just as planned.

He has his own greater daemons, the Verminlordswho are renowned trollers who give any skaven and others quite rightly the creeps. It is one of the toughest units a Skaven force can wield, combining powerful magic, strong combat skills and general unpleasantness into one hideously glorious model. Considering his penchant for scheming he is probs Tzeentch 's pet rat that got too much of an ego boost and decide to go it alone.

Although equally possible with his connection to disease he is Nurgle 's test subject and is taking out his pain through others. Khorne regularly tries to stomp on him since he despises cowards and well Slaanesh meanwhile constantly has strange ideas about what to do with the Horned Rat that for reasons of mental hygiene cannot be repeated here.

Whatever the case is, other chaotic beings look down on the Skaven and the Horned Rat as mere vermin, perhaps useful to a degree but not worthy of respect and they are usually killed on sight. And this is what other chaos races think of the Skaven. So being a ratman is not a good sell. Should you see a Horned Rat in your area, call your local fumigators to get rid of the problem.

Nothing ruins a day like a nasty ratmen infestation. One interpretation is that the Horned Rat is actually a guise cooked up by Tzeentch to create his own exclusive race of mortal worshippers.

The only possible dissension is the existence of Clan Pestilens, which reveres the Horned Rat as a spirit of disease, decay and ruination. But this is still compatible with the interpretation above when you remember Clan Pestilens and its doctrine came after Clan Pestilens was trapped in Lustria for multiple generations and had a "revelation into the true nature of the Horned Rat", and that the other Skaven considered Clan Pestilens as heretics when they first returned and still regard them as heretical to some extent today.

vermin lord 5e

This suggests, then, that Tzeentch made the Skaven first in his guise of the Horned Rat, and then Nurgle took on the Horned Rat's guise himself to try and stick his grotty fingers in Tzeentch's pie by luring the Skaven into worshipping him instead.

He speaks directly to the Council of Thirteen and politely tells them to cut all the shit and stop fighting each other; after all the Warhammer World is ripe for the taking and the Horned Rat wants the Skaven to conquer it, as a unified race. To emphasize this, he incinerates the current Grey Seer and replaces him with Yes, that Thanquol.

The drugged up failure of a rat, so incomprehensibly incompetent that he could only function as "that one guy who tries to be evil and cool but fucks up all the time because of how fucking stupid he is. Anyway, for the first time in history, the Skaven are truly united and rise to the surface in the millions at the command of the Horned Rat. Actually, let's just say the only nations they didn't wipe out, heavily damage, or at least do harm to were:.

And then they blow up Morrsliebwhich is both fucking Awesome and incredibly stupid, since the Warhammer World would have been destroyed by the resultant meteors which it would have been if not for the Slann managing to stop most of the meteors from colliding wrong wrong manthings, plan was to destroy surface empires all along, with skavendom safe-secure underground.One of those prestige classes was the Vermin Lord, a vile master of insects, spiders, and flying pests.

The vermin lord could summon such vermin, and even change its form in various ways, like having a hand that became a spider! I always wanted to make a villain in an adventure that was a vermin lord, and when I started writing a swamp-based adventure last year more on that to come in the future!

I decided to include the Vermin Lord as one of the enemies. The challenge was, of course, that there was no 5e analogue in any of the 5e monster books, and as it was a prestige class in 3. After some consideration, I concluded that thematically the Vermin Lord best fit the idea of the Warlock, and thus was born The Verminous Horde, a new otherworldly patron, and The Vermin Lord as a Warlock archetype.

You can mix and match to build the kind of verminous master you wish to be. Please check it out, and if you feel so inclined, leave a review! The path of the Vermin Lord is not for the squeamish.

Whether you have a healthy fascination for entomology and the study of the family Rodentia, or are possessed of a desire to see the world overrun by all manner of pestilence-carrying insects, rats, and other unsightly creatures, the end result will be nothing less than a complete transformation of your body and soul into a commander of, and servant to, the Verminous Horde.

Embrace the skittering madness! To follow the Pestilent Path, you must devote yourself to an otherworldy patron from the Verminous Horde! In exchange you will receive powers over the beasts that creep and crawl, but at the expense of your own humanoid form. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.This is a list of prestige classes in the 3rd edition of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. Prestige classes were introduced in third edition as a further means of individualizing a character. Nearly every official supplement source book and most issues of Dragon magazine introduced new prestige classes. This list does not include prestige classes from third-party material offered under the d20 System or the Open Game License.

Some prestige classes, such as the Bladesinger, Ur-Priest, and the Purple Dragon Knight, are printed in multiple sources. Sometimes there are slight revisions between these reprints, while others are exact duplications. As a result, there are fewer total prestige classes than the sum of those appearing in each source.

The prestige classes in the Dungeon Master's Guide were the first and, to date, the only prestige classes considered part of the core rules for the game.

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The 3rd edition Dungeon Master's Guide contained six original prestige classes; the 3. The Red Wizard prestige class was adapted from Forgotten Realms campaign-specific material. Book of Vile Darkness includes 18 prestige classes.

Defenders of the Faith includes 14 prestige classes. Deities and Demigods includes 3 prestige classes. Epic Level Handbook includes 9 prestige classes. As appropriate for the book's content, these classes have entrance requirements that limit them to characters above level It also includes rules for continuing certain other prestige classes beyond their ten-level limits using the epic level rules.

vermin lord 5e

Unlike prestige classes from almost all other supplemental source books, these nine classes have been included in the SRD with the addition of the rules for epic levels. Fiend Folio includes 3 prestige classes. Manual of the Planes includes 4 prestige classes. Masters of the Wild includes 20 prestige classes.

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Psionics Handbook includes 4 prestige classes. The module Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil includes one prestige class.

vermin lord 5e

Savage Species includes 10 prestige classes. Song and Silence includes 10 prestige classes. Sword and Fist includes 19 prestige classes. Tome and Blood includes 15 prestige classes.

Book of Exalted Deeds includes 22 prestige classes. Cityscape includes 3 prestige classes. Complete Adventurer includes 26 prestige classes. Complete Arcane includes 19 prestige classes.

Complete Champion includes 11 prestige classes. Complete Divine includes 24 prestige classes. Complete Mage includes 11 prestige classes. Complete Psionic includes 8 prestige classes. Complete Scoundrel includes 13 prestige classes. Complete Warrior includes 36 prestige classes. Draconomicon includes 17 prestige classes. Dragon Magic includes 7 prestige classes.

Drow of the Underdark includes 7 prestige classes.


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